The city’s Emergency Disaster Relief program is given to individuals and their families in crisis situation. The city will provide food assistance, temporary shelter for walk-in clients and financial assistance (if applicable) for the victims of calamity

WHERE: Evacuation site



  • Clients should accomplish the visitor’s checklist (Health Checklist) given by the officer on duty
  • The social welfare aide will ensure that the minimum health protocols in the area is followed as the client present themselves at the information desk
  • The social worker will conduct initial assessment and interview and prepares the documents for approval of extension of dry ration
  • The victims of calamity will attend the scheduled activities at the evacuation center, while the social worker will submit the Relief Operation Report for approval of Financial assistance for the victims of calamity
  • After approving the Relief operation report, the clients will receive the dry ration from the city government, as well as the financial assistance
  • The social worker will now prepare the post evaluation report