An administrative complaint may be initiated by filing the following:
  1. Written sworn statement in English or Filipino, accompanied by affidavits of witnesses, if any;
  2. Certificate of non-forum shopping duly subscribed and sworn to by the complainant; and
  3. Other evidence in support of the complaint.

The complaint may be filed directly with the PLEB office or through electronic mail.  During the course of the proceedings,  affidavits, counter-affidavits, pleadings, motions, position papers, and other communication may also sent via email.  Documents to be transmitted through email must be in Portable Document Format (PDF).  Attachments which are not documentary evidence in nature shall be photographed and converted into PDF.

Contents of a Complaint

The complaint shall contain the following:
  1. Full Name, Address and Contact Information of the Complainant;
  2. Full Name, Rank and Station or Assignment of the respondent/s; and
  3. A narration of the material facts which show specifically the act or omission attributable to the particular respondent/s constituting the offense allegedly committed, the place, date and time of commission of the offense.